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Forced league climb

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  • Forced league climb

    You consistently T-drop by hitting the same (off-line) player (enemy), with low level troops, hereby forcing the player into the next league, with other players that are stronger, while you drop in ranks. This way you are free to hit low level targets and benefit from their ressources, while your enemy is stuck in a higher league with few targets and no possible ressources (top level means few players, shields and even less ressources)..

    Clever tactics? Yes, possibly.
    Something to consider using against your foes? I think you can do better..

    What can you do? If it's done to a buddy of yours: drop out of the Alliance (or kick the member), and hit the guy, giving him a shield.


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    I get why people trophy drop if they're below 600 but why do people in 620s drop trophies? They can't go below anymore. Does it differ that much if you're 620 vs 600 flat?