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How to slay dragon lvl 1-3 with 250 troops in 1 Go!

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  • How to slay dragon lvl 1-3 with 250 troops in 1 Go!

    My referal:

    Hello everyone - The guide below expains how to beat a dragon from lvl 1-3 with 250 troops in 1 attack.

    6-8 Siege units placered above dragon (start)
    12 Immortals placered center ( 4 placed at start, 4 placed when enemy units spawn the first time to hold them off, 4 placed again at second spawn)
    rest archers placed around the dragon (start, leave like 8-14 to place in center after each time dragon comes back after you have killed the spawns, this way dragon will focus these instead of the large army)

    1) I start off using strider active spell
    2) Death bringer just before dragon leaves (if you active the spell dragon cant leave)
    3) Celeste
    4) depending on when celeste die, its either tyrion or valoen
    5) random
    6) random
    7) random

    Note: Death bringer is not needed, but he differently make you lose less units and kill dragon faster

    If you know a program to record on iphone, then i can do that after my holiday

    /Percy - The Boar Sign

    - Happy Hunting!

    I send the information to @Warbound so i advice you to check this link when possible:,

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    I really want to try this but I'm past Dragon 3...

    Regarding screen recording - if you have a Mac it comes preinstalled with Quicktime. Just connect your device to your Mac, open Quicktime, select File > New Movie Recording, and use the Quicktime controls to start / stop recording while you play on your device. When you stop recording you can save the file.

    I'm sure there is a similarly simple way to record your iOS device on PC.
    aka Hideous


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      Can u clarify the parenthesis after the archers? Do u want the dragon to focus on the archers? Or I just don't get it? Heeeelp


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        Great strategy!

        Unfortunately the Death Knight stunning through the dragon's takeoff is already on our radar, so enjoy it while it lasts ;-)