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  • Hero Tier Rankings

    This tier list is subjective so please keep that in mind when digesting the information. Rankings of heroes may be directly connected to strategies which require specific troop combinations. Each hero will receive a ranking for offense and defense usage. Rankings are based on higher starred heroes capabilities.

    Tier 1 - Godlike
    Tier 2 - Strong
    Tier 3 - Moderate
    Tier 4 - Weak
    Tier 5 - Worthless

    T1: Blackheart, Deathbringer, Nexa,Ragnarok, Reverant, Serra, Shadow, Vanquisher
    T2: Celeste, Falcon, Grok, Lilith, Nephila, Phoenix, Raven, Scythe, Tempest
    T3: Asterion, Devistator, Garim, Immortalus, Maximus, Strider, Tyrion, Valeon, Valeria, Zagan
    T4: Aeria, Chaos Lord, Furia
    T5: Kyra, Tyranis

    T1: Deathbringer, Nexa, Phoenix, Scythe, Shadow, Vanquisher
    T2: Aeria, Asterion, Blackheart, Celeste, Grok, Lilith, Nephila, Raven, Tyranis
    T3: Devistator, Falcon, Furia, Garim, Immortalus, Ragnarok, Reverant, Serra, Strider, Tempest, Tyrion, Valeria, Zagan
    T4: Chaos Lord, Maximus, Valeon
    T5: Kyra

    Hero ranking and usage can be very situational in terms of the battle conditions. Ergo, arguments can be made for how specific heroes should appear higher or lower on the list. However this list was aimed toward the overall utility of a hero and its effectiveness. Feel free to provide comments with justification if you deem necessary.
    Last edited by Novafire; 11-13-2018, 05:49 AM. Reason: 11/13/18 - Updated hero tiers based on current version of the game. Bold heroes have been added. Red heroes have dropped in rating. Green heroes have increased in rating.