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  • [Champion Guide] Blackheart

    "I command the shadows"

    Class: Support
    Rarity: Epic
    Story: "Blackheart is a dark summoner, master of manipulating void magic. Her shadow demons are physical manifestations of her worst nightmares, conjured as she is in a dream-state. Her power is limited only by only her imagination and dreams, and what she can remember when she wakes; she then crafts a record of the demon in the pages of her Necronomicon spellbook.

    She has journeyed restlessly through the Illyrian underworld, intent on drawing from her experiences for her abominations. Blackheart's greatest joy comes from "discovering" her next voidspawn, each more exquisite than the last.

    Blackheart has one of the funnest and most power ults in the game. She controls enemy units within a small range and turns them against their allies. The amount of destruction this can do is enough to win any skirmish. But the battle is not always over at that point, so be careful when using her.


    Nightmare Elemental
    Mind Controls enemy units for 10 seconds.
    4-star: Increase range by 40%.
    5-star: Increase range by 50%.
    6-star: Increase range by 60%.
    7-star: Increase range by 70%.
    8-star: Increase range by 80%.
    9-star: Increase range by 100%.

    Agony Hex
    Lowers enemy armor.

    PvP Offense
    Rating: 4.5/5
    On offense, Blackheart is scary. The defenders already have a lower supply count, and if you land a perfect ultimate, you can potentially lock out their entire supply for 10 seconds. This might not seem like a long time, but your units combined with theirs can wreak havoc on their base in this time.
    PvP Defense
    Rating: 5/5
    Blackheart on defense is even more scary. When enemies approach deep into your territory, you can drop Blackheart right on top of an oncoming force and mind control most of it if aimed perfectly. Or if an enemy reaver or warship is close to taking down an important building, you drop Blackheart and control it, potentially keeping the building alive for much longer.
    Rating: 4/5
    For the most part, all bosses have huge waves of minions that spawn into the battlefield. Usually, they are nicely clumped up in a ball of death, making it an easy target to mind control.


    Blackheart + Immortals
    Blackheart's ult is her most important asset. Therefore, you want to keep her alive as long as possible. Immortals are the best tanks to support Blackheart.



    Level Max



    Attack Speed



    Move Speed


    3 300 50 3790 330 1 330 0 4 10 6h 40m
    4 300 60 4350 390 1 390 0 4 10 7h
    5 400 70 4970 450 1 450 0 4 10 7h 10m
    6 400 80 5650 520 1 520 0 4 10 7h 20m
    7 500 90 6380 590 1 590 0 4 10 7h 30m
    8 500 100 7170 670 1 670 0 4 10 7h 40m
    9 550 110 8000 750 1 750 0 4 10 8h

    Blackheart is a game changer. She's incredibly fun to use, especially when you mind control half or more of your enemy's units. If you're lucky enough to roll her, rejoice. If not, keep working on those daily achievements and pray you unlock her!
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