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  • [Champion Guide] Deathbringer

    "Kneel before me"

    Class: Tank
    Rarity: Epic
    Story: "The dark war-knight known as the Deathbringer is a demonic construct, forged from the soul of a fallen valkyrie Champion. Shattered and reforged over and over by demon magesmiths, Deathbringer becomes even more powerful with each death and resurrection. While he still retains the nobility of his former mind, the torment and trauma of countless deaths have twisted his sense of duty and honor into something much more sinister.

    Deathbringer is able to channel a miniature nethervoid by absorbing all life energy in a small area. Compelled by his inner desire to share suffering and darkness with all living things, he is drawn to the Star Crystals, for they are often surrounded by humans and animals alike.

    Deathbringer is the most tanky champion in the game. He has the highest health and armor stats. However, he also packs the weakest attack power. This is not a huge problem since his role is to take damage. But his ult ability is amazing. It draws in units within a radius of himself, keeps them stunned for a short duration, and finally damages them all in an AoE attack. This can kill off softer units like rangers, but damages everything else enough to make a difference in the battle.


    Black Sun
    Stuns units and deals massive AoE damage for 6 seconds.
    4-star: Increase range by 25%.
    5-star: Increase range by 50%.
    6-star: Increase range by 75%.
    7-star: Increase range by 100%.
    8-star: Increase range by 125%.
    9-star: Increase range by 150%.

    Reforged Armor
    Bonus armor. Each attack has knockback.

    PvP Offense
    Rating: 3/5
    Deathbringer does well as a tank on offense. The problem is you probably won't see an efficient use of his ult here because your enemies aren't likely to drop a bunch of squishy units onto your Deathbringer to try to kill him. You can use him to tank damage, and if you get close enough to a tower, his ult can stun the towers as well.

    PvP Defense
    Rating: 4.5/5
    With the addition of champion dashing, Deathbringer really shines on defense. Before, he had to walk up to a group of units and when he cast his ult, he can probably get a half circle of units caught in it, unless you hotdrop him in the center of an army mass. However, now he can dash into the center of any deathball and cast his ult, stunning a large amount of supply and dealing decent damage to them. Be sure there are allied units around to do extra damage while he has the enemy stunned, and to mop things up after he's done his damage.
    Rating: 4/5
    Deathbringer tanks damage well on bosses. However, he's best used to drop on top of a huge enemy wave that is spawned on the map. Remember to have extra units like ballistas to deal additional splash damage while Deathbringer has everything stunned and packed into a ball.

    Deathbringer + Ballistas

    Deathbringer is best combined with splash damage units like ballistas and even knights. When he has enemies locked up in a ball with his ult, they are powerless to defend against anything, perfect time to unleash splash damage onto them.



    Level Max



    Attack Speed



    Move Speed


    3 300 50 10960 290 2 145 18.2 3 1.5 6h 40m
    4 300 60 12830 330 2 165 19.5 3 1.5 7h
    5 400 70 14900 380 2 190 21 3 1.5 7h 10m
    6 400 80 17150 430 2 215 22.6 3 1.5 7h 20m
    7 500 90 19600 480 2 240 24.3 3 1.5 7h 30m
    8 500 100 22210 540 2 270 26.1 3 1.5 7h 40m
    9 550 110 25000 600 2 300 28 3 1.5 8h

    Deathbringer is the tankiest champion in the game, and he can deal impressive damage with his ult on the enemies, especially when paired with other damage supporters. He's not easy to obtain, but when you do unlock him, he will be one of your best champions.
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