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  • [champion Guide] Grok

    "Rage is my greatest weapon"

    Class: Fighter
    Rarity: Epic
    Story: "A Stoneskin berserker from the plainslands, Grok's veins course with rage magic. His dense skin is resistant to both edged weapons and high magics, and naturally heals at an incredible speed. Knowing no such thing as fear, Grok's armies are best at charging headfirst into battle and overwhelming their enemies.

    Grok's ability to charge his allies with rage maximizes their physical potential, allowing them to move with unnatural speed and dexterity. Even mighty rhinophants can unlock their full power, making them a perfect companion unit.

    Grok is an epic tier champion that specializes in high speed and high damage. He has high health, allowing him to output a ton of damage. His ult speeds up nearby allies, making blitz strategies completely viable.


    Primal Rage
    Increase attack speed and movement speed of himself and allies for 8 seconds.
    4-star: Increase duration to 9 seconds.
    5-star: Increase duration to 10 seconds.
    6-star: Increase duration to 11 seconds.
    7-star: Increase duration to 12 seconds.
    8-star: Increase duration to 13 seconds.
    9-star: Increase duration to 15 seconds.

    Blood Gorge
    Each attack drains health and Grok gains health.

    PvP Offense
    Rating: 4/5
    Grok excels at blitz strategies, where you quickly try to go down a path and destroy everything quickly. For this strategy, it's best to first lure out a large enemy force, and when that has happened, you want to kite them away from the path you want to blitz. When the enemy is kited, drop your high damage units like ironguard and rangers, and unleash Grok's ult.

    Rating: 2/5
    PvP Defense
    Grok doesn't bring much to the table on defense. Not only do you get less supply on defense for him to maximize his ult, there's not much he can do to stop the enemy from taking down an important building.

    Rating: 3.5/5
    On bosses, Grok does well because he does good damage and has high survivability. His ult can be good if you have a lot of allies clumped up around him, but that usually isn't the case.

    Grok + Ironguard

    Ironguards are best paired with Grok's ult. They have relatively high DPS, and their small footprint allows for more coverage with Grok's ult range. When used together to blitz a building, they can deal a lot of damage fast.



    Level Max

    HP Max

    Attack Max

    Attack Speed



    Move Speed


    3 300 50 8770 440 1 440 7.8 5.5 2 6h 40m
    4 300 60 10260 520 1 520 8.4 5.5 2 7h
    5 400 70 11920 600 1 600 9 5.5 2 7h 10m
    6 400 80 13720 690 1 690 9.7 5.5 2 7h 20m
    7 500 90 15680 790 1 790 10.4 5.5 2 7h 30m
    8 500 100 17770 890 1 890 11.2 5.5 2 7h 40m
    9 550 110 20000 1000 1 1,000 12 5.5 2 8h

    Grok is one of the epic tier champions in the game. Not easy to obtain, but he can be found in the Mammoth Reaver boss, so he is obtainable with dedication. He specializes in blitz strategies where you need to deal high damage and fast. Dash him into the center of a mass of swarm units and his ult can cover around 30-40 units, greatly increasing your push potential for a short amount of time.
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