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    "My foes will fertilize the forest"

    Class: Support
    Rarity: Rare
    Story: "Aeria is a forest berserker, whose wild bloodmagic calls to all the flora and fauna of Illyria. Her symbiotic relationship with nature grants the ability to draw upon the world itself for power - there is no lack of mana where there is life.

    However, a strange darkness has risen, foreshadowed by the red Starfall. Blasted swaths of Illyria are now devoid of any natural life, unable to regrow and recover. The silent screams of Gaiea have drawn Aeria from her idyllic forest homeland, sending her on a journey to stop the pestilence of the Chaos.

    Aeria is a very niche champion. Her stats are average, and her ult doesn't do damage nor does it directly reduce damage. It's purpose is to zone out enemies, and that can either mean she protects an important building, or she wasted it on doing nothing.


    Nature's Bulwark
    Summons indestructible trees that lasts for 4.5 seconds.
    3-star: Increases Trees duration to 5 seconds.
    4-star: Increases Trees duration to 5.5 seconds.
    5-star: Increases Trees duration to 6 seconds.
    6-star: Increases Trees duration to 6.5 seconds.
    7-star: Increases Trees duration to 7 seconds.
    8-star: Increases Trees duration to 7.5 seconds.
    9-star: Increases Trees duration to 8 seconds.

    Razor Thorns
    Enemies that deal damage to Aeria take return damage.

    PvP Offense
    Rating: 2/5

    There are a few cases where Aeria may be useful on offense, and that is to cast her ult to protect your rangers from ballista shots. However, you can easily get around that by protecting your rangers with immortals, or spreading them apart.
    PvP Defense
    Rating: 4/5

    On defense, Aeria has a one important role, and that is to protect your key buildings. The current meta has players keeping important buildings, especially the Tempest Tower, on the hill next to the castle. This tower deals devastating damage and needs to be kept alive at all costs to ensure victory. When Aeria is used in timely fashion, she can lock out units from reaching the tower, while the tower shoots it beams on the enemies.
    Rating: 2/5

    Aeria doesn't have any special role in bosses. Her damage and health are around average, and there's not many cases where her ult will be of much benefit. You're better off using any other champion here instead of Aeria.

    Aeria + Ballistas + Rangers

    The combo here is to get the ballistas and rangers packed in a tight circle and have Aeria cast her ult in the center of the circle. She'll spawn trees to surround and protect them from the outside, while they freely shoot their enemies who are knocking on the trees.



    Level Max



    Attack Speed



    Move Speed


    2 160 40 2860 260 1 260 0 5 8.5 4h 20m
    3 140 50 3200 310 1 310 0 5 8.5 4h 40m
    4 250 60 3570 370 1 370 0 5 8.5 5h
    5 400 70 3980 440 1 440 0 5 8.5 5h 10m
    6 450 80 4430 510 1 510 0 5 8.5 5h 20m
    7 500 90 4920 580 1 580 0 5 8.5 5h 30m
    8 500 100 5450 670 1 670 0 5 8.5 5h 40m
    9 550 110 6000 750 1 750 0 5 8.5 6h

    Aeria can be great at her use cases, which is primarily defense-based. However, overall she is subpar compared to the other champions. It's definitely worthwhile to farm her from the Earth Elemental, but it should not be an early or mid game focus. When you have her, she does wonders in stalling.
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