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  • [Champion Guide] Furia

    "Let it burn"

    Class: Mage
    Rarity: Rare
    Story: "Even as a young Valkyrie sorceress, Furia knew that her raw power over inferno magic was unparalleled.

    Her first test of strength at magecraft was to fling a burning ember across a battlefield, but that would have been too easy. Twisting the glowing fire runes furiously in her hands, Furia focused and amplified her raw skills; her simple training spell coalesced into an immense firestorm, pulling down a shower of burning meteors from the sky.

    From that day on, there was no question of who was the master of flames.

    Furia is a rare champion that has a strong ult. It deals damage in wide area, and is best suited for softer units like ironguard, rangers, and even valkyries. Her base stats are fair and because she is ranged and can also deal AoE damage on her main attack, she can easily deal with softer units.


    Fire Storm
    Summons 10 meteors that deal massive AoE damage.
    3-star: Summons 12 meteors. +Damage.
    4-star: Summons 14 meteors. +Damage.
    5-star: Summons 16 meteors. +Damage.
    6-star: Summons 18 meteors. +Damage.
    7-star: Summons 20 meteors. +Damage.
    8-star: Summons 22 meteors. +Damage.
    9-star: Summons 25 meteors. +Damage.

    Each projectile does AoE damage.

    PvP Offense
    Rating: 3.5/5
    Furia has good range on her normal attack, and thus can deal significant damage with her normal attack and ult provided that she can get enough tank support. Her ult can be cast at a range longer than her attack range, so she can deal massive damage from far away. The ability for her to attack air units is also a plus.
    PvP Defense
    Rating: 5/5
    Since attackers have more supply than defenders, you can expect a healthy chunk of units marching your way. And the more densely packed these units are in an area, the more Furia’s ult shines as it rains meteors down from the sky. In the current meta, players are preferring to use swarmy units like ironguards and rangers. Furia's ult melts these units like no other. In addition to that, her basic attack one-shots rangers and does splash damage as well.
    Rating: 4.5/5
    Furia can be great for bosses because she can attack from range while your units tank up front. Her ult does good damage to not only the boss, but also to the adds.


    Furia + Immortals
    Furia is best paired with tanky units so she can deal damage from the back line. While the immortals soak up damage, she can also cast her ult safely from behind.



    Level Max



    Attack Speed



    Move Speed


    2 160 40 2650 460 2.5 184 0 3 7.5 260m
    3 140 50 2900 540 2.5 216 0 3 7.5 280m
    4 250 60 3180 630 2.5 252 0 3 7.5 300m
    5 400 70 3490 720 2.5 288 0 3 7.5 310m
    6 450 80 3830 830 2.5 332 0 3 7.5 320m
    7 500 90 4190 950 2.5 380 0 3 7.5 330m
    8 500 100 4590 1070 2.5 428 0 3 7.5 340m
    9 550 110 5000 1200 2.5 480 0 3 7.5 360m

    Furia is a situational champion that is good in many areas and can be great under certain circumstances. The only drawback is she is not easily obtainable.
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