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  • [Champion Guide] Valeria

    "By heaven's grace"

    Class: Support
    Rarity: Rare
    Story: "Even as a young Valkyrie sorceress, Furia knew that her raw power over inferno magic was unparalleled.

    Her first test of strength at magecraft was to fling a burning ember across a battlefield, but that would have been too easy. Twisting the glowing fire runes furiously in her hands, Furia focused and amplified her raw skills; her simple training spell coalesced into an immense firestorm, pulling down a shower of burning meteors from the sky.

    From that day on, there was no question of who was the master of flames.

    Valeria is an underrated champion. She is an excellent support type champion, but has some of the lowest damage outputs of any champion. Her heal is the most common reason people use her, however her ability to dispel effects is stronger than you know. In the middle of a battle, this can change the course of the battle.

    Heaven's Grace
    Heals allies in battle within range for 5 seconds. Dispel all enemy effects.
    3-star: Increase Range by 20%. +Heal.
    4-star: Increase Range by 40%. +Heal.
    5-star: Increase Range by 60%. +Heal.
    6-star: Increase Range by 80%. +Heal.
    7-star: Increase Range by 100%. +Heal.
    8-star: Increase Range by 120%. +Heal.
    9-star: Increase Range by 150%. +Heal.

    Guardian Angel
    Bonus armor and magic resist.

    PvP Offense
    Rating: 2/5

    Valeria's offensive capabilities is lacking a bit. She can support nearby allies by dispelling debuffs, and provides a heal. This can be extremely useful in certain situations when you have a ton of debuffs or units that are low on health. However, in most cases, your units are spread out and this ult won't work as well as it sounds.
    PvP Defense
    Rating: 4/5

    On defense, Valeria can be amazing. She works well when defending an important tower, such as the Tempest Tower. As long as you don't have enemies attacking the tower, drop a couple of immortals to defend the tower, and use Valeria's ult to heal them back when they are low on health. Stalling for enough time to allow a shot from the Tempest Tower is devastating to the enemy and often can win you the battle.
    Rating: 4/5

    Valeria does great in the Ice Archon and Earth Elemental bosses. Both of these bosses do not apply a damage over time effect, and rely on normal attacks to kill your units. These bosses don't deal a lot damage, and Valeria is usually able to outheal their damage. The hard part is being able to survive against the adds. With a combination of immortals to tank and rangers to deal damage against these adds, Valeria should be able to survive for a very long time.

    Valeria + Immortals + Rangers

    Valeria's job in this combo is to heal the tanky immortals while rangers deal damage. This is a very good overall combo, as it works in nearly every situation.



    Level Max



    Attack Speed



    Move Speed


    2 160 40 2040 180 1 180 0 5 8.5 4h 20m
    3 140 50 2250 220 1 220 0 5 8.5 4h 40m
    4 250 60 2480 260 1 260 0 5 8.5 5h
    5 400 70 2740 300 1 300 0 5 8.5 5h 10m
    6 450 80 3020 340 1 340 0 5 8.5 5h 20m
    7 500 90 3330 390 1 390 0 5 8.5 5h 30m
    8 500 100 3660 450 1 450 0 5 8.5 5h 40m
    9 550 110 4000 500 1 500 0 5 8.5 6h

    Valeria is a very powerful support champion. It isn't well known, but her Ultimate ability can dispel debuffs and she is the only champion able to do that. On top of that, she heals for an insane amount so you can help keep high health targets alive.
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