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    "From the shadows"

    Class: Assassin
    Rarity: Rare
    Story: "Wherever there is light, there is always shadow. The Assassin's Order has sent its prodigy, a mischievous girl only known as Raven, to investigate the recent starfall around the world. Although her true motives are always carefully concealed, her shared goal plus large amounts of treasure will ensure her loyalty for the time being.

    Raven has the ability to seem like she is in many places at once, which allows her to play pranks on unsuspecting foes before she dispatches them. Even her friends and allies are never quite sure if they are talking to the real Raven.

    Raven has the highest DPS of any champion in the game. She is the best at killing single targets, which makes her a highly desirable champion. She can be obtained by fighting bosses.

    Perfect Darkness
    Warps to target, deals 500% damage. Creates 4 shadow clones before warping back.
    3-star: Deal 600% damage and creates 5 shadow clones.
    4-star: Deal 700% damage and creates 5 shadow clones.
    5-star: Deal 800% damage and creates 6 shadow clones.
    6-star: Deal 900% damage and creates 6 shadow clones.
    7-star: Deal 1000% damage and creates 7 shadow clones.
    8-star: Deal 1100% damage and creates 7 shadow clones.
    9-star: Deal 1200% damage and creates 8 shadow clones.

    Shadow Fury
    Bonus attack damage.

    PvP Offense
    Rating: 4/5
    Raven can single-handedly turn the tide of a battle if you can get her to take down a key building. Because of her fast move speed, she can quickly move in towards a target, use her ult to teleport her even further, and deal massive damage. This can be easily accomplished if the enemy has sent a large amount of supply on the field for you to kite.
    PvP Defense
    Rating: 2/5
    On defense, Raven can usually help take down an enemy champion or a couple of ballistas. However once she accomplishes that, she is as good as dead because of her low health.
    Rating: 3/5
    Raven does good damage on bosses. The problem is she dies quite easily especially when adds come into play. Give her the proper protection and let her do her damage.


    Raven + Knights
    Pairing Raven up with another high speed unit like knights allows you to quickly approach a building for you to take down. Aim for key buildings like a Guardian Tower, Champion Hall, or Tempest Tower.



    Level Max



    Attack Speed



    Move Speed


    2 160 40 3080 210 0.5 420 0 8 3 260m
    3 140 50 3490 260 0.5 520 0 8 3 280m
    4 250 60 3960 310 0.5 620 0 8 3 300m
    5 400 70 4480 370 0.5 740 0 8 3 310m
    6 450 80 5040 440 0.5 880 0 8 3 320m
    7 500 90 5650 500 0.5 1,000 0 8 3 330m
    8 500 100 6310 580 0.5 1,160 0 8 3 340m
    9 550 110 7000 650 0.5 1,300 0 8 3 360m

    Raven is the best single target killing machine in the game. If you have her, consider yourself lucky! If not, you can farm her at the Earth Elemental boss. If you use her wisely, she can wreak havoc on enemy champions and quietly assassinate them all. Use her without paying attention, and she will be sleeping before you know it.
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