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  • [Champion Guide] Tyrion

    "I will end this battle"

    Class: Fighter
    Rarity: Common
    Story: "Very few dare utter Tyrion's true name in his presence - the leader of the Northern Berserkers is feared across the Great Kingdoms for not only his incredible power in war, but also for his tact and cunning in both politics and diplomacy.

    The Northern Berserkers' very veins are hardened by the surging power within their blood. Their superhuman strength and resilience are matched with a incredible rate of regeneration. It is not unheard of for a Berserker to fall before a seemingly mortal strike, only to return to action before the battle has even ended.

    This so-called King of the North bears deep scars from battlewounds that no other Berserker has ever survived. Although nearly cleaved in half by an Icewyrm, Tyrion continued his relentless assault until he was once again whole. From the bones of this creature, he built his throne and united the entire North."

    Tyrion is an amazing champion that can be obtained through boss fighting. His ult is a game changer, it pulls in nearby enemies, effectively stunning them, and dealing good AoE damage. In the current meta, lots of top alliances have been using swarm units like the iron guards and rangers. Tyrion is great against these units because he can stun a large group of them while dealing good damage to them.

    Polar Vortex
    Draws in targets and deals massive AoE damage for 4 seconds
    2-star: Increase duration to 4.5 seconds. +Damage.
    3-star: Increase duration to 5 seconds. +Damage.
    4-star: Increase duration to 5.5 seconds. +Damage.
    5-star: Increase duration to 6 seconds. +Damage.
    6-star: Increase duration to 6.5 seconds. +Damage.
    7-star: Increase duration to 7 seconds. +Damage.
    8-star: Increase duration to 7.5 seconds. +Damage.
    9-star: Increase duration to 8 seconds. +Damage.

    Dominating Force
    Self heals over time.

    PvP Offense
    Rating: 3.5/5
    Tyrion can be great on offense, but the caveat is that it does require some luck to catch your opponents off guard. If you are facing strong opponents, they would be cautious about dropping a large swarm of rangers or ironguard for Tyrion to eat up. It’s best to drop him in the middle of a battle so he can instantly cast his ult. If he’s on the battlefield, your opponents won’t simply drop fragile units on top of him.

    PvP Defense
    Rating: 4/5
    Tyrion gets a better score on defense than offense because on defense, your opponents have more potential supply. With larger armies, you have a higher chance to catch a large group of ironguards or rangers to suck in to Tyrion’s ult.

    Rating: 2.5/5
    Tyrion is not good in a direct fight with the main bosses. However, he does great when some bosses like the Mammoth Reaver where huge swarms of units charge through the gate. I like to anticipate the time when a large group of units spawn, drop a couple of immortals to tank, some ballistas behind them to support, and a Tyrion in the middle of the enemy death ball to quickly wipe out a large force.


    Tyrion + Ballistas
    This combo works wonders when your opponent has a deathball of ironguard and/or rangers marching your way. Not only do ballistas shred them apart, Tyrion provides additional firepower while stunning them as well as any nearby enemy units as well.

    Tyrion + Knights
    You won’t always run across enemies who only drop ironguards and rangers. Against your typical enemies, who have a variety of units, the knight may be a better choice than ballistas. The reason is that knights have the best DPS per supply of any unit in the game and they also have an AoE attack. So while Tyrion has enemies locked up in his ult, the knights can deal massive damage.



    Level Max



    Attack Speed



    Move Speed


    1 30 30 4280 260 1 260 0 4 2.5 120m
    2 90 40 5180 300 1 300 0 4 2.5 132m
    3 180 50 6220 360 1 360 0 4 2.5 140m
    4 200 60 7390 420 1 420 0 4 2.5 150m
    5 400 70 8690 480 1 480 0 4 2.5 154m
    6 500 80 10100 550 1 550 0 4 2.5 160m
    7 500 90 11620 630 1 630 0 4 2.5 166m
    8 500 100 13260 720 1 720 0 4 2.5 172m
    9 550 110 15000 800 1 800 0 4 2.5 180m

    Tyrion is a necessary champion to own, and the nice thing is he is obtainable in bosses. He can be found in the Ice Archon or Earth Elemental, but the drop rate is higher in Earth Elemental. I highly recommend you farm those bosses to get him.