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  • [Champion Guide] Tempest

    "That was awesome"

    Class: Mage
    Rarity: Common
    Story: "Royal Adviser. Soothsayer. Herald of the Storm. Tempest had held many titles over his years in the Royal Court, but none irked him like his most recent: Mad Prophet.

    Having seen the coming of the chaos caused by the Dragon Stones within the churning waves of his scrying pool, he had immediately set out to advise the King of the coming threat and raise an army in preparation. Unfortunately his contemporaries met him with derision and his warning fell on deaf ears.

    So it was that Tempest felt he had but one choice, to strike out in search of allies to face the coming doom.

    Tempest is an excellent champion that can be used in many situations. He is able to be farmed in bosses, and provides so much utility it would be a shame not to get him. He is unique because he is one of the few champions that has an AoE main attack. His ult is useful in any situation, making him very versatile.

    Death Orb
    Orb that flies through enemies and deals massive damage for 4 seconds.
    2-star: Increase duration to 4.5 seconds. +Damage.
    3-star: Increase duration to 5 seconds. +Damage.
    4-star: Increase duration to 5.5 seconds. +Damage.
    5-star: Increase duration to 6 seconds. +Damage.
    6-star: Increase duration to 6.5 seconds. +Damage.
    7-star: Increase duration to 7 seconds. +Damage.
    8-star: Increase duration to 7.5 seconds. +Damage.
    9-star: Increase duration to 8 seconds. +Damage.

    Tempest's Fury
    Each projectile has knockback.

    PvP Offense
    Rating: 3.5/5
    Tempest is one of the squishiest champions in the game, and he has a very high movement speed. This makes him rather vulnerable in battle. On the other hand, he can quickly move in to snipe a building, especially if you can cast his ult off.

    PvP Defense
    Rating: 2/5
    On defense, Tempest can be good if you can keep him safely protected behind units or buildings. Otherwise, he usually is able to cast his ult once and then he’ll end up dying quickly.

    Rating: 4.5/5
    Tempest deserves a high score on bosses because his ult actually deals good damage against the boss, unlike many of the other champions which do nothing to the boss. The problem is that his survivability is low. He works particularly well on the Earth Elemental boss because the boss doesn’t deal a lot of damage, and Tempest is capable of surviving long enough to cast a few of his ults.

    Tempest + Knights
    In the case where you have your enemy kited on PvP Offense, you can quickly rush in to take down the Castle with knights and Tempest, since they are the fastest units in the game.



    Level Max



    Attack Speed



    Move Speed


    1 30 30 2150 190 1.5 127 0 8 10 120m
    2 90 40 2220 230 1.5 153 0 8 10 132m
    3 180 50 2300 270 1.5 180 0 8 10 140m
    4 200 60 2400 310 1.5 207 0 8 10 150m
    5 400 70 2500 360 1.5 240 0 8 10 154m
    6 500 80 2610 420 1.5 280 0 8 10 160m
    7 500 90 2730 480 1.5 320 0 8 10 166m
    8 500 100 2870 540 1.5 360 0 8 10 172m
    9 550 110 3000 600 1.5 400 0 8 10 180m

    Tempest is an easily obtainable champion, and should definitely be farmed. The best boss to farm him is the Ice Archon. Once you obtain him, he can be used anywhere in the game and make an impact. Combine that with his low respawn times makes him one of the preferred champions in the game.