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    "Feel the storm"

    Class: Fighter
    Rarity: Common
    Story: "Strider is the mysterious young Storm King, but in name only. As his besieged kingdom fell to the forces of Chaos, Strider's father secretly sent his son away to safety. Strider carries the legendary greatsword known as "Stormguard," and is the only person able to wield the shattered blade, which becomes whole again under his command. His powers are unparalleled, but his technique can sometimes still be unorthodox and unrefined.

    Strider was raised from childhood to retake his fallen kingdom, and has trained and traveled in every kingdom to prepare himself for this day. Now that his training is nearing completion, Strider and his companions are traveling to the 'Lower World' to cleanse it of all evil."

    Strider is one of the three starter heroes. He isn’t particularly special in any way, but does everything you can ask for. He is a jack of all trades type of champion. His stats are around average, but where he excels is his ult. He dashes a few times, each time hitting a target for huge damage and also doing some AoE damage to things in his path. With the latest update, he has become one of my favorite champions to use on offense because I dash him in to kill an important building.

    Reign of Blades
    Strider dashes 5 times & deals high damage.
    2-star: Increase target damage by 10%
    3-star: Increase target damage by 20%
    4-star: Increase target damage by 30%
    5-star: Increase target damage by 40%
    6-star: Increase target damage by 55%
    7-star: Increase target damage by 70%
    8-star: Increase target damage by 85%
    9-star: Increase target damage by 100%

    Every third attack does AoE and knockback.

    PvP Offense
    Rating: 4.5/5
    Strider gets a 4.5 here because of his nuking capabilities. His ult does some serious damage to its main target. It’s important to point out that this ult also targets buildings, which is important to take out key buildings. This ability got buffed in the recent update as you can now dash in to get close to any unit or building you want. During his ult, he leaps around several times, dealing small AoE damage to nearby targets in his path. This usually isn’t enough to do enough damage to kill things, but every bit of damage does count.

    PvP Defense
    Rating: 2/5
    Strider isn’t the best on defense. He’s good at killing single targets, and on defense, you’re usually up against greater odds. Given that you do take out a high health target, you will likely soon be overrun anyway.

    Rating: 2/5
    Strider performs fairly in bosses. He has some survivability and does decent damage. If he survives long enough to use his ult a few times, the damage output is pretty good.


    Strider + Ironguards
    Use ironguards or any other unit to take down walls. Ironguards work nicely because they are quick and can push the front line. Strider is able to get up closer in the battle and take down key units hiding in the back like ballistas or key buildings like a Guardian Tower.


    Shards Req

    Level Max

    HP Max

    Attack Max

    Attack Speed



    Move Speed


    1 30 30 4140 150 1 150 11.5 4.5 2 20m
    2 90 40 4970 190 1 190 12.2 4.5 2 28m
    3 180 50 5930 240 1 240 13 4.5 2 34m
    4 200 60 7000 290 1 290 14 4.5 2 40m
    5 400 70 8190 340 1 340 15 4.5 2 44m
    6 500 80 9490 400 1 400 16.1 4.5 2 48m
    7 500 90 10890 460 1 460 17.3 4.5 2 52m
    8 500 100 12400 530 1 530 18.7 4.5 2 56m
    9 550 110 14000 600 1 600 20 4.5 2 60m

    Strider is an average champion that specializes in nuking with his ult. This can come into play in many situations, so he is useful to have. He also has a low respawn time so you are able to use him more frequently if you're going into battles often.
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