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[Feature Guide] ULTIMATES and DASHES!

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  • [Feature Guide] ULTIMATES and DASHES!

    Ultimates and Dashes!

    Tasty New Layers in the Strategy Cake

    Guardians, prepare to battle like never before! Together, your efforts to wrest the Star Crystals from the forces of Chaos have unlocked new ways to unleash destruction upon your enemies. Manifest your strategic prowess and take control of your Champions on the battlefield - with the new Dash and Ultimate controls! Let’s take a look:

    New Feature: DASH

    Supercharged by Star Crystals, Champions can now DASH! Trigger this ability by tapping the new Dash button, then tapping the target location within the max range indicated.

    This power recharges quickly and has unlimited uses in battle, allowing your Champions to do some cool new stuff:
    • I Will Survive: Getting lit up by that Arc Tower? Get out of there! Dash out of range - don’t be a martyr!
    • To The Rescue: Valeon lagging behind the front line (as usual)? Dash in there quick and save those rangers from the Mortar Cannons!
    • Don’t Tell Me What To Do: Getting kited? Of course. Well, stop being kited and Dash back to the fight!
    Each Champion has unique Dashing speeds, ranges, and recharge times. Try them out to get a handle on their new moves! For example, Valeon has never been faster than when he’s Dashing, but he’s never gonna be as fast as Raven. Not ever.

    • Don’t try to Dash through buildings or walls - for (hopefully) obvious reasons!
    • For precision timing, try pressing the Dash button to bring up the UI but wait until the right moment to trigger it.
    • Tapping the Dash button a second time will cancel out of targeting mode, if need to rethink the move.
    For faster reaction times, you can also swipe: start the gesture on your Champion and end where you want them to go!


    Similarly, Champion ULTIMATES are getting an upgrade as well, introducing a new level of skill on the battlefield. Tap the Ultimate button for these Champions to show their max attack radius, then tap within the radius to unleash the Ult with greater precision. This mechanic is built around Ultimates where precision and timing are of paramount importance, so we’re talking about ranged and directional-type Ults:
    • Aeria
    • Blackheart
    • Celeste
    • Furia
    • Raven
    • Tempest
    Aura and Melee-type Ults will still trigger immediately when tapping their Ult button, as the skill with these Champs is purely timing; adding additional mechanics would simply be an obstacle to triggering their power, and nobody wants that!
    • Chaos Lord
    • Deathbringer
    • Grok
    • Strider
    • Tyrion
    • Valeon
    • Valeria
    Different Champions will harness the new controls in different ways! For example, Celeste unleashes an aimable cone of frozen doom, while Raven can send her shadow clones to a specific point on the map. Try them out to get a feel for the enhanced controls.

    • For precision strikes, try tapping the Ultimate button a little early, using the extra time to perfectly line up your shot with the new targeting system. Fortune favors the prepared!
    • Second thoughts on having Furia set everyone ablaze? Tapping the Ultimate button a second time will cancel the targeting system so you rethink your strategy.
    • Try using Dash and targeted Ults in combos. Deploy at a safe distance, then Dash into range and unleash devastation before they know what hit them! Or kick off the party with a melee Ult, then Dash to safety and escape the aftermath (looking at you, Tyrion)!
    Both of these new features are geared to reward skillful players, and make Champions even more fun to use. We’re excited to hear what everyone thinks of these new ways to play! The update is available on the App Store, so if you haven't already, grab the update and let us know what you think!