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[Feature Guide] Daily Chests!

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  • [Feature Guide] Daily Chests!

    New Daily Chests!

    What’s in the box?!

    Excellent news, Guardians! Your industrious kingdoms overflow with riches! With the latest update, be sure to reap the rewards of your hard labor with the brand new Daily Chests. Guardians can now collect free gifts, earn daily achievements, and raid in PvP for the legendary Battle Chest!

    Chest collection has been updated to reflect your progress towards the three Daily Chests:

    BATTLE CHEST: After winning a PvP battle you started, there’s a chance for the Battle Chest to drop. Your League Ranking will determine your chances to see certain rewards. But be aware: you can only hold one Battle Chest in your inventory at a time! Possible loot includes:
    • Ultimate Chest - Yes, the same Ultimate Chest you can purchase in the shop for 4,500 gems! This chest always gives 10 Champion rolls, and has the best chance for unlocking a 3-star Champion! Only Guardians in Knight League and above can receive this as a drop from their Battle Chest, but the higher your League, the better your chances! For example, Guardians at 1200 Trophies will have a better chance to get an Ultimate Chest than those at 600 Trophies.
    • Mega Chest - This chest gives 5 Champion rolls, and has a moderate chance at unlocking a 3-star Champion! All Leagues can receive this, but Knight League-ranked Guardians have the best chance to see this drop.
    • Super Chest - This chest gives 1 Champion roll, and has the baseline chance to unlock at 3-star Champion! All Leagues can receive this as a drop.
    • Daily Chest - This is a brand new chest that we're introducing. Scroll down to see what's inside! All Leagues can receive this, but Guardians in the Soldier League have a higher chance to see this drop.
    DAILY CHEST: This chest can be collected once you complete each of the three Daily Achievement tasks, once per day. We'll go into more detail on the Daily Achievements in the next section. Possible loot includes:
    • 10 gems
    • 2-3 champion shards
    FREE CHEST: This chest can be collected after logging in once per day! It resets each day at noon (GMT-8). Possible rewards are:
    • 5 gems
    • 1-2 Champion shards
    Feeding into the new Daily Chests are the new Daily Achievements. These provide Guardians with new ways to earn XP, as well as additional free rewards! Each day, a set of three random Daily Achievements will appear on your Achievement list. Completing the three Daily Achievements rewards you with a Daily Chest. Possible Daily Achievements:
    • Complete a Quest
    • Attack with X Supply
    • Collect X Gold or Wood
    • Destroy 3 Guardian Towers
    • Aid 1 Ally in Attacking
    • Defend 1 Ally
    • Collect Your Free Chest
    • Put a Builder to Work
    These new chests and activities are geared to reward vigilant Guardians for keeping the forces of Chaos at bay. We hope you're as excited as we are for these new rewards!