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  • [Champion Guide] Celeste

    "Winter is here"

    Class: Marksmen
    Rarity: Common
    Story: "Headranger Celeste commands the ranger army, and is responsible for protecting the Last Kingdom from the forces of Chaos. Her longbow "Skye" fires crystal arrows, which can freeze unarmored enemies to the ground. These imbued arrows are even able to slow even the heaviest plate armor by crystallizing the joints upon impact.

    The Ranger Order has been called to arms by Valeria, and Celeste's army has embarked on her quest to save the people from the the Chaos Legion."

    Celeste is one of the three starter champions. She has one of the highest DPS in the game, but also one of the lowest healths. Her ult can be deadly when used correctly because it freezes units and buildings in an arc for up to 8 seconds. But if you miss, you'll find yourself in a world of trouble. Aim carefully.


    Winter's Wrath
    Fires an AoE blast that freezes troops in place for 4 seconds.
    2-star: Increase Freeze to 4.5 seconds and Range by 10%
    3-star: Increase Freeze to 5 seconds and Range by 20%
    4-star: Increase Freeze to 5.5 seconds and Range by 30%
    5-star: Increase Freeze to 6 seconds and Range by 40%
    6-star: Increase Freeze to 6.5 seconds and Range by 50%
    7-star: Increase Freeze to 7 seconds and Range by 60%
    8-star: Increase Freeze to 7.5 seconds and Range by 70%
    9-star: Increase Freeze to 8 seconds and Range by 80%

    Stalker's Presence
    Each attack slows enemy movement and attack speed.

    PvP Offense
    Rating: 4.5/5
    Celeste has one of the best DPS's of any champion in the game. Pair that with her attack range of 9 allows her to deal a tremendous amount of damage provided that you give her enough cover. And cover is what she desperately needs since she has the lowest HP of all the champions. She is also effective at neutralizing any enemy tower because her ult provides a freeze for a short duration. This can be critical when you're taking out dangerous targets like the Tempest Tower. After the recent update, Celeste has become substantially better IMO. She can be used to quickly dash in and freeze any tower (but be careful with your timing against the Tempest and Freeze Towers). With her new targeting abilities, she can now freeze any group of units in the direction you choose!
    PvP Defense
    Rating: 1/5
    Celeste is your typical glass cannon. She needs lots of cover to be effective. While buildings can and do provide cover, I find that they usually don't last long enough to make Celeste worth using. Often times, the front line would move and either way, Celeste would be made more vulnerable. And because of her low health, she just simply isn't worth using over other champions if you've got them available. Keep in mind also that on defense, you have much less supply than on offense, so chances are you won't have enough tank support for Celeste.
    Rating: 2/5
    For boss hunting, I'd only give Celeste a score of 2. She isn't effective on bosses because all bosses are immune to being frozen by her ult. She can only be used as a damage dealer, but bosses all have attacks that deal wide AoE damage, so she isn't able to hide safely behind your tanks.

    Celeste + Reavers
    Often times, you will find yourself in situations where you want to take down a building, but can't get close enough to it without losing too much. Reavers have high health, and only target buildings on offense, so it's good to have the reavers clear a path towards your target. And when you get close enough to a dangerous tower that might wipe you out, you can have Celeste freeze that tower while the Reaver plows it down.

    Celeste + Immortals
    Immortals have the best Health/Supply ratio in the game. In other words, they are the best tank unit in the game. Celeste is one of the champions that needs the most protection because she has low health and high damage. This combo works really well because Celeste will be able to dish out a lot of damage with adequate tank support.


    Shards Req

    Level Max

    HP Max

    Attack Max

    Atk Speed



    Move Speed


    1 30 30 1290 140 0.6 233 0 5.5 9 20m
    2 90 40 1430 170 0.6 283 0 5.5 9 28m
    3 180 50 1600 210 0.6 350 0 5.5 9 34m
    4 200 60 1790 250 0.6 417 0 5.5 9 40m
    5 400 70 1990 290 0.6 483 0 5.5 9 44m
    6 500 80 2220 340 0.6 567 0 5.5 9 48m
    7 500 90 2460 390 0.6 650 0 5.5 9 52m
    8 500 100 2730 450 0.6 750 0 5.5 9 56m
    9 550 110 3000 500 0.6 833 0 5.5 9 60m

    Celeste is a valuable hero throughout all stages of the game. She packs quite a strong punch, but lacks in the health department. Give her enough tank support, and she will prove her worth.

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    That was fast! Good guide


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      Another great guide! Links added to this from

      Same issue as the Valeon guide though - champion stats at max level per star for health and attack listed on the wikia wiki (the source for stats on this guide) are incorrect.
      aka Hideous