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Dragon level 3 vs only air units

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  • Dragon level 3 vs only air units

    5 minutes, 168 supply lost.

    From the video description:
    Before its level 4 incarnation, the Chaos Dragon has almost no defense against air units. So what happens if we use only air units against the level 3 Dragon? Yep, Dragon dies badly.

    Warships level 7
    Valkyrie level 13
    approx 2:1 ratio of valks to warships

    This is just for fun and not meant to be a useful tutorial. Typically if you can train air units your dragon would be higher level and would spawn valkyrie of its own to combat this strategy. I access this lv 3 dragon by using a weaker account in the same alliance. Obviously the rewards are pitiful because this is below the level my account should be fighting.

    Also, maybe when deploying multiple of the same troop type the voice could just play one time until you deploy a different troop type?
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    Thanks Warbound, I keep learning from your strategies. Keep it up!