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    I was wondering what you guys think is the fastest way to accrue blue crystals for a casual player. I can only manage to play once or twice a day so I have a tough time keeping both research buildings going all the time. I feel like pvp is the most efficient way to accrue the crystals, but requires a lot more play time. The bosses tend to be larger lump sums in one go, but cost a lot more troops limiting what I can do in the game. What should I prioritize, pvp or bosses, to gain the maximum number of crystals in the shortest available play time. I need those troop upgrades!

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    I think in your case, public boss is the way to go. Try to join on a fresh boss, dump all your troops, and when you come back, the boss will have died and you can collect. Otherwise, you need to spend quite some time to attack in pvp. You probably can't dump all your troops in one go depending on if the enemy joins the fight.


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      Actually trying to stay under 600 trophies is the fastest and easiest way to get a lot of blue crystals. I suggest maxing out your refinery asap as it helps people that aren't very pvp active a ton.