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Game improvement suggestions on Dropping and Kiting

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    Hi Fire Emperor,

    Chest rewards will soon be dropping for PVP trophy ranks. These will incentivize people to keep their rank for better loot. We're currently testing it on our latest build.

    As for kiting, there's a feature in the works to help address this without affecting the meta too much. Basically we're playtesting with the idea of higher threat targets based on your distance to the target, as well as the target's distance to the castle.

    -So a target that is both close to your unit and close to the castle is high priority.
    -A target that is close to the castle but far from you is a medium priority, as well as a target close to you but not close to the castle.
    -A target farther from you and far from the castle is the lowest priority.

    That's the jist of it, you'll still be able to give those over-deploying defenders a little punishment, kiting their units to the side before doing a final rush, but it will be harder to keep those units on the side as your units get closer to the castle. We're still going to have to playtest a lot to make sure there are no exploits before this goes live.
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